Hands-on-Human-Cadaver Course

Implantological and oral surgical techniques

Center of Anatomy and Cell Biology Medical University Vienna, Austria

With the experience and expertise from more than 250 courses over the past
20 years, attended by more than 8400 doctors from 88 nations

Course Description

80 % of the course are hands-on with 20 % lectures about explanations of techniques. A maximum of 2 participants will be assigned to each cadaver skull. For the cadavers are fresh and not embalmed a nearly “close to reality” simulation of the surgical procedures can be experienced.

Course Target

The participants will have the opportunity to “update” the entire oral anatomy by
riskless exploration of fresh and not embalmed human cadaver skulls. By performing the implant preparing surgical procedures and implantations the participants will learn feasibility but also the limits are demonstrated. By focussing on risks and complications of such operations and their management the patient’s safety should be increased.


Course language: English


A certificate will be provided by the Vienna Human Cadaver Dissection Course

upon completion of the seminar.

Course Topics


Dissection of Anatomical Danger Zones:

– lingual + inf. alveolar + mental + infraorbital nerve

– palatine + facial + submental artery


Bone Harvesting Techniques: 

chin + ramus + tuberosity


Augmentation Techniques:

horizontal and vertical onlay grafts, GBR


Maxillary Sinus Elevation Techniques:

– minimal invasive – conventional


Soft Tissue Management:

– tension free closure

– connective tissue graft

– dental papilla reconstruction

– suture techniques


Implant Insertion Techniques:

– immediate

– aesthetic zone

– posterior zone


Closure of a Mouth Antrum Communication:

– periostal slitting flap

– palatal island flap

– Bichat fat pad flap


07.30 pm on Saturday: Course dinner at typical Vienna ”Heurigen“ Restaurant


In between coffee break and lunch


Approved: 16 Advanced Education Scores

Course directors, speakers:

OA Dr. Norbert Fock, MD, DDS

Specialist in Cranio- and Maxillofacial Surgery


Univ. Ass. Prof. Dr. Hannes Traxler

Anatomist, MD, leader of the research area topo-
graphical anatomy, Medical University Vienna. 


Regular Registration fee


2,160.00 Euro incl. VAT (per participant)

incl. Course fee, Hotel (one night), Lunch and typical Vienna dinner at ”Heurigen“ Restaurant



Surgical units and drilling sets, implants, bone graft material and disposal material will be provided.


The binding registration is done by E-Mail to events@sic-invent.com.
Number of participants is limited. Reservation is made in chronological order
of registration and payment of course fee.