One single surgical set-up


Two different
Implant-Abutment Connections


Three complementary implant solutions for high chairside flexibility




(Hex only)


SICvantage max




SICvantage    tapered



Internal Hex 

  • High precision internal hex – for minimizing micro-movements

  • Long guided HEX surfaces - for high mechanical stability

  • Innovative screw interface offeres a reliable retention of the abutment with hightly protection against continuous overloading  

  • Uniform tightening torque of 20 Ncm for all retention screws

  • Platform switching – for better crestal bone preservation


  • Self-locking “cold welding” internal Morse Taper connection with a cone angle of 2.8° – outstanding mechanical stability and “close to zero” micro-movements

  • Prosthetic restoration retained with or without a fixation screw – simplified prosthetic restoration

  • Better aesthetic results 

  • SICvantage “Swiss Cross”: 4 groove index  –  for safe implant placement, abutment positioning and taking a precise open or closed impression

  • Outstanding mechanical stability also with 3.0 mm implants – for a safe clinical result

  • Simple and safe abutment removal from the implant cone with an extractor – for easy handling 

  • Platform switching – for better crestal bone preservation

The microstructure and degree of purity of the “SICmatrix” SIC surface ensure secure and lasting osseointegration. 

SICmatrix Surface Treatment

Regular SLA

Blasting Procedure with alumina particles


Blasting Procedure with round zirconia particles

After the blasting process with zirconia beads and acid cleaning, no residuals on the surface are discernible. The level of abrasion is lower than blasting with alumina  – this is called surface conditioning with a moderate roughness.


The average roughness is SA = 1.0 µm