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Monitor Osseointegration

SIC Penguin RFA

PenguinRFA – Removes Doubt


In todays’ implant dentistry, the trend is to use short or no healing periods before loading. This places high demands on the clinical team. If conditions are not optimal, poor primary stability may increase the risk of implant failure. PenguinRFA provides accurate and objective measurements of implant stability, serving as a reliable support when taking decisions when to load.

Penguin RFA - Messung der Osseointegration
SIC Penguin RFA

Monitor Osseointegration


 Reduce treatment time 

 Manage risk patients

Mount the MulTipeg™ onto the implant and the measurement
is made in a second.

Penguin RFA - ISQ-Skala

The ISQ scale is measured from 1 to 99 and correlates strongly to implant micro mobility. By taking a baseline value at implant placement and another before loading,
the degree of osseointegration can be measured.


No hassle:


Reusable MulTipegs™. Uncomplicated and affordable.

Penguin RFA - MulTipeg

MulTipeg™ (titanium) 




SIC Penguin RFA
Penguin RFA - MulTipeg Driver

MulTipeg™ Driver



 Stainless steel

Penguin RFA Instrument




Penguin RFA Steriler Bezug
SIC Penguin RFA

Penguin RFA Sterile Cover

  For sterile environment

The RFA Technique


Resonance Frequency Analysis (RFA) was introduced in implant dentistry more than 20 years ago. A peg attached to an implant is excited and the vibration frequency is picked up by the instrument and presented as an ISQ (Implant Stability Quotient) value.

Penguin RFA misst die Resonanzfrequenz des MulTipeg

PenguinRFA measures the resonance frequency of the MulTipeg™, which depends on the stability of the implant.

The measurement scale is from 1 to 99 ISQ (Implant Stability Quotient). The ISQ value correlates strongly to the micro mobility of the implant, which in turn depends on bone quality and osseointegration. A more detailed scientific description can be found at

Info zu Penguin RFA

More than 700 articles on the subject have been published in peer-reviewed papers since 1996.

Manufacturer: Integration Diagnostics Sweden AB -

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