SICvantage TempCap

The SICvantage TempCap gingiva cap is an innovation to ensure that the process of supragingival healing is efficient. Directly after implant insertion the cap will be clicked onto the insertion post. Care must be taken to ensure that there is no functional loading on the implant.

The TempCap is suitable for a durability of 180 days and is a single-use product.

SICvantage TempFix

The SICvantage TempFix will be clicked onto the insertion post and facilitates on the one hand an immediate restoration with a customized temporary which satisfies the highest aesthetic demands. On the other it offers the possibility to contour a customized gingiva shaper, alternatively to the cylindric TempCap.

Furthermore the TempFix is suitable for direct impression taking.

The TempFix Abutment can be clicked cement-free onto the insertion post. The abutment consists of a new high-tech material, PEEK-180. This polymer is approved for a temporary  period of 180 days for oral use and has very good mechanical properties. It is extremely soft-tissue friendly and provides high biocompatibility.
Due to subtractive milling or grinding the operator is in the position to fabricate an optimum temporary restoration flexibly and efficiently, in principle like preparation of the tooth.   

• SIC Standard Abutments are available in various designs for
fabricating cemented or screw-retained single crowns and bridges. 


• The abutment has a convex / concave gingival emergence profile from the implant level to the gingival height (GH) in an anterior (slim) respectively posterior (wide) design. 


• The abutments can be customized by trimming and polishing
for individualizing. 

Standard Abutments
CAD/CAM SIC Bonding Base

Bonding Base

• The SIC Bonding Base CAD/CAM is suitable for the fabrication of
CAD/CAM designed and manufactured implant abutments and single-tooth restorations on SIC implants which are adhesively retained on the titanium base using a conventional technique.



• Adhesive bonding can be completed using conventional “cold adhesive techniques” and standard, approved adhesives or with the “hot-melt adhesive technique” using glass solder (e.g. Tizion Hot Bond). The bonding base is retained in position on the implant clinically using the SIC Standard Fixation screw (15° angled bonding base uses a SIC Fixation Screw, short).

Bonding Base

Milling Blank

Scan Adapter

(Implant level)

Scan Adapter

(Multi-Unit Abutments)

Multi-Unit Abutment System 

The Multi-Unit Abutment System– for all occlusal screw-retained prothetics. 


With this system, a fixed transgingival platform is created over which all further prosthetic and laboratory technical measures are completed. The system is indicated for fixed or removable bridge or full restorations with the stipulation that the distal implants can have a maximum implantation angle of 30°. 


The maximum bone availability is utilized distally by displacement of the most distally placed angled implant. During development of the system, particular value was placed on the greatest possible stability of individual components. The straight bar and bridge abutments consist of a two-part design which includes an abutment component with hex and a “Safe on Four” fixation post that, using the long screw shank, ensures maximum continuous loading capacity. The “Safe on Four” universal fixation screws also have a reinforced screw thread.

Safe on Four
Mini Multi-Unit
Abutment System

In addition to the conventional Multi-Unit Abutment, this new MINI Multi-Unit Abutment is developed for cases where no major alveolar crestal resorption has occurred and the dentist chooses to perform an occlusal screw-retained bridgework. In such cases, patients have a limited prosthetic/interocclusal space and the conventional Multi-Unit Abutment is too high and sometimes too wide. With the prosthetic width around 30% slimmer and the height almost 50% shorter, it can be used in most cases. 


• SIC Mini Multi-Unit Abutments are developed for occlusal screw-retained bridgework

• Available for all implant diameters (except 3.0 SICvantage®)

• Two different gingiva heights and one straight version

• Combinable in cases with conventional Multi-Unit Abutments

Flex Star 

The “Flex Star” Cast-to Abutments are intended for further processing using precious or non-precious metal alloys of custom cast abutments for restorations using cemented or screw-retained single crowns and bridges.


Products marked with “NEM” are based on a platinum-iridium alloy (PtIr) and can be cast on to non-precious metal alloys. The plastic section (black) of the casting/wax-up aid burns out without residue.

Products marked with “HSL” are based on a gold-platinum alloy (AuPt) and can only be cast on to precious metal alloys. The plastic section (white) casting/wax-up aid burns out without residue.


The abutment can be contoured from the implant level upwards to adapt it to the gingival contour and angulation. This also allows fabrication of directly veneered, occlusally screw-retained crowns or custom primary crowns for telescope restorations. This abutment should not be used for primary splinted, long-span restorations due to its integrated rotational security.

Locator Classic

Decisive factors when planning the use of these precision attachments are minimal overall vertical height, unique dual retention principle, proven long-term stability and patient-friendly, intuitive positioning of retention inserts on the attachments. The design of the Locator® allows use when implants have extremely divergent axes - up to 40° - and very limited occlusal space. The
long service life, possibility of easy exchange at the chairside and the range of diverse nylon inserts (in six different withdrawal forces of 0.5 kg to 2.3 kg) ensure the retention can be adjusted to suit the indication as well as problem-free servicing.

The range of applications of the Locator® Attachment includes retention of partial and full dentures on a minimum of 4 implants.

Locator R-Tx
Removable Attachment System
Locator F-Tx
Fixed Attachment System

No Screws. No Cement. No compromises.


What if screws or cement were no longer needed to attach a fixed prosthesis to the abutments?


What if you could shorten and simplify the treatment


What if the patient’s aesthetics and comfort were maximized? 


These questions were at the foundation of the design and development of the unique and innovative Locator F-Tx Fixed Attachment System from Zest Dental Solutions. By leveraging Zest Dental Solutions’ many years of expertise with the Locator Attachment Systems and their understanding of full-arch solutions for edentulous patients, they strived to create a simpler, more efficient system for FIXED full-arch implant restorations.


Fixed for the patient. Easily removed by the clinician.