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SIC Guided Surgery 

3D diagnosis in combination with prosthetically oriented backwards planning increases reliability for determining the optimal tooth position. SIC Guided Surgery is a software-independent surgical system for template-guided, navigated implant insertion. Important characteristics are compactness, efficiency and ergonomics of the instrumentarium.

Maximum flexibility due to open connection to current planning tools, variability due to the possibility of laboratory or industrial production of the guiding templates, surgical freedom with maximum functionality and precision predominated during the conception and development of the system.


The SIC Washtray fulfill the highest hygiene standards of the Robert Koch Institute for the preparation and sterilization of surgical instruments. It is time efficient as all instruments can remain in the tray during cleaning, disinfection and sterilization.

The SIC Washtray was specially developed to increase efficiency in clinics, universities and

large practices that perform a large number of implantations.

• Software-independant, open instrument set

• Implemented in the planning tools: DentiqGuide (3Dii), Implant StudioTM (3Shape), SmartGuide (dicomLAB), exoplan (exocad), Romexis (Planmeca), SMOP (Swissmeda)

• Fabrication of the guide centrally by Materialise Dental, SICAT GmbH & Co. KG or in a local dental laboratory

• Guidance of implant placement using the guide template

• Maximum flexibility for the operator (no fixed depth stops)

• Master sleeve Ø 5.2 mm for standard indications and Master sleeve Ø 3.1 mm for lateral and lower incisors


Als SIC Guided Surgery Anwender profitieren Sie von unserer Kooperation mit easyimplant

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SIC Guided Surgery – Tray

mvm pinol.webp

Titanium Ratchet

ratchet and insertion tools for manual and handpiece operations


Two Master Sleeves

Ø 5.2 mm and Ø 3.1 mm

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Bildschirmfoto 2022-09-20 um 14.35_edite

Drill Gauge

for reliable check of the depth markings

Procedure for creating a surgical template for "Guided Surgery"


1 Scan the patient situation with a scanner (ideally intraorally or in the laboratory from a cast jaw model).

2 Plan the implant types and positions with the appropriate implant planning software.

3 Design the GS templates and usually produce them with a 3D printer.

4 Insert GS sleeves into the template.

5 Check the accuracy of fit on the model or on the patient, make sure it is firmly seated!

6 Implantation according to drilling protocol.


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SIC Guided Surgery – Overview of Tools



3D planning & navigated surgery


With easyimplant you complete all the necessary digital planning steps to obtain a precise drilling template for the insertion of the implants. A software installation is not necessary. You can carry out all steps in your browser.

In the diagnostic center, the full service from 3D X-rays to drilling templates can be used. You can also upload your own DVTs and scans.

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In 5 steps to the drilling template

Clearly explained by
Dr. Frank Spiegelberg


Ihr Preisvorteil

As a SIC Guided Surgery user, you benefit from our cooperation with easyimplant with a SIC Friends discount of 20%.

We would be happy to email you our SIC Friends price list.

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