Three complementary implant solutions 

for high chairside flexibility


(Hex only)



SICvantage max




SICvantage    tapered




SICace is the allround implant with outstanding
long-term clinical results


  • Self-tapping screw design for all indications in oral implantology.

  • SIC drill system for an atraumatic preparation of the implant site.

  • Basic cylindrical shape with apical conical taper for easy insertion of the implant.

  • High precision internal Hex with long guide surfaces for maximum stability of the implant-abutment connection and a innovative screw interface highly protected against overloading.

  • Flexible and precise prosthetic components for all indications.

  • Use of the SICace® implant can be recommended unreservedly in bone of D1 to D3 quality.

Integrated “platform switch” for convenient prosthetic handling

6.0 mm Short Implants available

“Short Implants as strategic implants in the lower jaw” Norbert Enkling, Associate Professor, Berne


The solution in soft bone


  • Implant specially designed for use in “soft bone”. It is therefore to be used preferably for bone qualities D2 to D4.

  • Basic cylindrical shape of the implant with crestal micro thread guarantees great primary stability. As a result, the implant is also suitable for immediate implantation.

  • Greatly rounded implant tip without a direct thread cut for use in the upper posterior region, especially with all forms of sinus lift.

  • Integrated “platform switching” for convenient prosthetic handling.

  • Internal precision hexagon with long parallel-walled guide surfaces for maximum stability of the implant-abutment interface and a screw connection protected against continuous loading.

6.0 mm Short Implants available


“Short Implants as strategic implants in the lower jaw” Norbert Enkling, Associate Professor, Berne

SICvantage max and SICvantage tapered implants are setting a new safety standard, starting with a super narrow implant abutment connection.


SICvantage max offers the same design features as SICmax.


  • Self-locking inner “Morse taper” connection with a cone angle of 2.8°.

  • SICvantage® “Swiss Cross”: 4 groove index

  • Outstanding mechanical stability

  • Prosthetic restoration possible with and without a fixation screw.


Higher primary stability in most bone types 


  • Overcomes compromised anatomical situations such as narrow ridges, converging root tips and anatomical undercuts 

  • Ideal for immediate placement with temporary restoration

  • Sharper threads – for safe cutting of hard bone and reduction of bone compression

  • Slightly more tapered core in the middle of the implant – for adjusting the bone compression according to the drilling protocol 

  • Improved flute design – for better cutting performance  

  • More tapered core and threads in the apical partition – for deeper initial insertion

With Internal Hex and Conical Interface Available

From ø 3.0 mm for SICvantage tapered