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In commemoration:

Prof. Dr. Wilfried Schilli (1928 – 2019) founding member of the SIC - Schilli Implantology Circle -  has summed up the tasks and goals of SIC as well as implantology in general in a convincing manner in his welcoming words.

Schilli Implantology Circle

Dear Partners and Friends,


Implantology has changed dentistry. It is, like the surgical joint replacement, a product of modern bone surgery.
In 1958, this was completely restructured by the Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Osteosynthese (AO = Association for the Study of Osteosynthesis). Their rules also apply to us: the biomechanical principles of function provide orientation, the vitality of the bone must be preserved. The aim is the most atraumatic surgical procedure possible.


Incorporation of an implant is a biological process, and we must provide the requirements for it to take place smoothly. Every detail of our approach is therefore important. The procedure is optimised and errors are avoided by providing clear surgical protocols. But despite all the schematic optimisation every case remains an individual case. This in particular applies to the subsequent prosthetic restoration. When prosthodontics cooperates with surgery, prosthodontics dominates as it determines the function and aesthetics.


The implant system plays a major role in this process which is influenced by the individual factors of the patient. It is a standard product not only from a technical point of view but also for legal reasons.
In this case, continuous optimisation is also a prerequisite for lasting success. 

This is one of the tasks of the SIC “Schilli Implantology Circle”. The international, interdisciplinary discussion forum integrates current theoretical and scientific research results in the implementation
of practice-relevant systems and synchronises them with practical experience.


Another function of the SIC “Schilli Implantology Circle” is also to pass on this success in the form
of continuous training.


We are, as are the members of the circle, very enthusiastic about implantology and want to improve the process and product through discussions with competent specialists. Disadvantages and faults as well as possible improvements and prospects are discussed at regional and an international level and scientific investigations and checks are initiated.
Organisation and trust are therefore prerequisites for ensuring that everyone profits from this approach and that we can provide our patients with even more reliable and better help.



Prof. Dr. Wilfried Schilli




Founding Member Schilli Implantology Circle

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