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Uncompromising patient satisfaction

Aesthetic rehabilitation and digital workflows are the dominant trends in dental implantology.
Patients are looking for sustainable and healthy solutions. Thanks to modern, two-piece, reversibly screw-retained ceramic implants, these concepts can be implemented predictably, easily and quickly. Our cooperation partner Zeramex is one of the main innovators in the field of two-piece and 100% metal-free ceramic implants - with over 15 years of experience.

  • 98% success rate: The implants have a high level of osseointegration, with a BIC comparable to titanium implants. 5

  • Low risk of inflammation: Thanks to the corrosion-resistance of ceramic and its low plaque affinity. 4, 6, 7, 9

  • Perfect red-white aesthetics: ideal conditions for peri-implant soft tissue. 1, 2, 10

  • Biocompatible: No inflammatory reactions to the material. 11

  • Flexible: With a complete and innovative digital workflow.



The products are made of sintered high-performance ceramic material with years of expertise. The metal-free screw retained internal connection has proven itself in clinical use since 2014.

  • Carbon-ceramic technology: High stability and reliable connection between implant and abutment. 15

  • Key component of this technology: Vicarbo screw made of carbon fiber-reinforced high-performance PEEK.

  • Ideal connection: The specially designed internal geometry is a perfect match for the properties of the ceramic material.

  • 70% higher strength: ATZ ceramic has a higher strength than TZP. 18

  • Committed to quality: Each implant is inspected with Micro-CT imaging before delivery.

Our Guarantee


All of the products are tested before they are shipped. There is a life-long guarantee for our SICwhite and a 10 year guarantee for abutments and unique Vicarbo screw. 18

Bildschirmfoto 2021-11-29 um 15.42.18.png


Secondary parts

Vicarbo screw

Uncompromising biocompatibility

ATZ BIO-HIP ceramic for higher strength

Impressive osseointegration 8

The sandblasted and acidetched hydrophilic implant surface "Zerafil" encourages the accumulation of osteoblasts for unimpeded de novo bone formation. 8


  • Outstanding bone-to-implant contact (BIC), comparable to titanium implants.

  • 98% success rate. 5

Bildschirmfoto 2021-09-03 um 11.30_edite
Bildschirmfoto 2021-09-03 um 11.30_edite

The SICwhite is made by using hot isostatic post-compacted zirconium oxide ATZ (aluminum-toughened zirconia) blanks. No thermal process (sintering) or finishing takes place after the final shaping of the outer and inner geometry of the implant. This ensures a high degree of precision and further changes in the material structure are prevented.

Convincing natural aesthetics

Natural aesthetics

Zirconium oxide is superior to offer a natural look of ceramic implants even in situations with a thin gingival tissue. 1

  • No dark implant core

  • No gray edges

Improved blood flow 2

Soft tissue in the vicinity of a zirconium oxide implant is comparable to tissue in the vicinity of natural teeth, particularly in terms of blood flow and the orientation of the collagen fibers. 2  The low level of plaque simplifies dental hygiene for the patient and eliminates inflammation in the tissue around the implant. 6

  • Low plaque affinity and bacterial adhesion 6

  • For soft tissue that stays stable and healthy over the long term 2

Bildschirmfoto 2021-09-03 um 11.43.02.png
Bildschirmfoto 2021-09-03 um 11.43.13.png

Minimize inflammation risks 12

Long-term studies show that peri-implantitis can pose a risk for restorations, including implant loss. The outstanding tissue-friendly properties of our SICwhite implant minimize the risk of peri-implantitis. 13

Strong connection – 

developed for ceremic implants

Vicarbo - the heart of the interface

Bildschirmfoto 2021-09-03 um 11.58_edite

A screwed and resilient zirconia to zirconia connection only works with a connector which helps the ceramic to absorb the forces that occur. Heart of the implant - abutment interface is the Vicarbo Screw. The combination of soft PEEK matrix and unidirectional carbon fiber bundles is offering high tensile strength and elasticity to adapt to the rounded screw thread design of the implant.


  • Tight fit with "stopper effect"

  • Carbon fiber-reinforced high-performance PEEK, twice the tensile strength of titanium
    grade 5 14

Resilience - thanks to “bolt in tube”

The Vicarbo screw is paired with the special inner geometry of the implant. In the bolt-in-tube system, the Vicarbo screw absorbs tensile and shear forces. The interlock, designed by four pinnacles is only used for positioning and preventing rotation. The chambers for the pinnacles are offering a single degree of freedom, to release shear forces to the pinnacles. This system offers a resilience under high load.


Protected against rotation & easy to position with precision

No tensile and bending forces at the implant-abutment interface


Flexibility – with digital workflow

Comprehensive range - maximum prosthetic flexibility


Individual gingiva formers and abutments can be planned and produced by Zeramex Digital Solutions to provide a harmonious and aesthetically pleasing emergence profile. Zerabase X provides the advantages of a two-part fully ceramic adhesive base for custom made restorations from the lab.

  • Individual abutments

  • Individual gingiva formers

  • Two-part Zerabase X adhesive base

Monolithic crowns and bridges with no adhesive gaps


One-piece monolithic crowns and bridges without abutments can be ordered from Zeramex Digital Solutions. These remove the need for a lengthy adhesion process. Restorations can be ordered in a variety of VITA colors and with different translucency levels - including multilayers.


  • Stable and aesthetically pleasing

  • Precise and efficient

  • Shorter treatment

  • Cement-free

Root-shaped with internal connection

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Manufacturer: Dentalpoint AG
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