SIC offers the unique selection of biomaterials
with which you master all challenges.

SICmeso Guard  
Dental Membrane

Latest membrane technology GBR/GTR developed and manufactured by our partner who is one of the leading manufacturers of biomaterials – DSM Biomedical. SICmeso Guard has an open porous structure on both sides to allow for cellular infiltration and vascularization, enabling the remodeling by the body’s own tissue. Due to an optimized pore size, the complete remodeling will be obtained after approx. 6 months1.

Manufacturer: DSM Biomedical

SICbio pin

The SICbio pin offers a simple possibility to fix all absorbable membranes for bone augmentation surgery safely, quickly and easily. The SICbio pin is a bioresorbable pin made of polylactide that is used in the bones. The complete conversion takes place after approx. 6 - 7 months.

Manufacturer: DSM Biomedical

SIC nature graft

SIC nature graft is a purely biological, anorganic augmentation material of phycogene origin based on natural calcium phosphate. The porous honeycomb-like structure guarantees a rapid bone regeneration and bears high analogy to human bone. The absorbent pore structure facilitates the absorption of liquids such as blood, which provides a very good formable material with the aid of thrombin coagulation. Remodeling is obtained after approx. 24 - 36 months.

SICbio graft

Bioresorbable bone replacement material made of β-tricalcium phosphate for oral and maxillofacial surgery. It is a bone regeneration material made synthetically from the purest chemicals. As a phase-pure β-tricalcium phosphate (99%), it has a crystalline structure which possesses optimum biological properties. In addition to its 100% resorbability, it is easy to apply for the clinical dental indications. Remodeling is attained after approx. 6 – 24 months.

Manufacturer: DSM Biomedical