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11th International Course


in cooperation with the University of Bonn, Germany

Live surgery Hands-on advanced techniques


It’s our pleasure to announce the following program highlights for the 2020 session:


  • Advanced techniques, Step-by-Step, combined with hands-on

  • Live surgery 

  • Digital Workflow - an Overview from A-Z  

  • Innovative Approaches in Implantology    

  • Hands-on - Surgical Procedure and Prosthetic Solutions

Education is the key to success

Preliminary agenda

October 2, 2020


Welcome to our 11th international SIC invent Course

By: Prof. Dr. Dr. N. Enkling, OA Dr. D. Kraus, G. Schilli



SIC invent Philosophy and Company News

By: G. Schilli 



SIC invent – System introduction, Highlights and Updates 

By: G. Schilli, D. Zimmermann, M.v. Malottki



Implantology today 

  • Materials and Methods

  • Scientific Evidence

  • Advanced Techniques

By: Prof. Dr. Dr. N. Enkling






Success with Conventional Surgery

• Advantages and Limits

• Up-to-date Methods

By: Prof. Dr. Dr. N. Enkling



Success with Guided Surgery

  • Diagnostic Methods, Radiology and Data Management

  • Case Planning with ‘smop’

  • Step-by-Step

  • Application in Workflow

By: Dr. P. Marquart


Prosthetic Solutions

• Analog vs. Digital Workflow

• Digital vs. Analog Impression 

• Scientific Evidence

• CAD/CAM Planning and Manufacturing 

 By: OA Dr. D. Kraus


Q & A
By: All together



Photo of the Group 



Walk back to hotel


Pick-Up at the Hotel for Evening Event


Meeting Point Hotel Lobby

October 3, 2020


Pick-up at the Hotel,

Meeting Point Hotel Lobby

Walk to the University Dental Clinic



Live Surgery and Step-by-Step procedure Guided and
Conventional Surgery (Video)

By: Prof. Dr. Dr. N. Enkling, OA Dr. Kraus 


– during preparation of the surgery:

Presentation of case preparation and interactive discussion 



Innovative Approaches in

- Materials, Concepts, Developments

- Scientific Evidence

By: Dr. P.  Marquart






Hands – on Courses


Group 1:

Surgical Procedures and related Prosthetic Solutions (in small groups alternating at different work places)


Guided and Conventional Practice, Surgical Techniques and Suturing Techniques

By: Prof. Dr. Dr. N. Enkling


Prosthetic Solutions

Analog and Digital Impression
(Scanning), Analog and CAD/CAM based planning and realization

By: OA Dr. Kraus


Group 2:

Visit Dental Laboratory

Lecture and Demonstration of up to date Manufacturing Techniques

(limited capacity, max 25 pers.)

By: MDT A. Hoch  



Q & A

By: All together



Certificate Ceremony

By: Prof. Dr. Dr. N. Enkling



Walk back to the Hotel

Our honourable speakers this year are:


Prof. Dr. Dr. N. Enkling, 

University of Bonn

  • Director, Eichenklinik – Dental Clinic for Implantology

  • Associate Professor at the Universities of, Bonn, Germany and Bern, Switzerland

  • Licensed Specialist for Oral Surgery, Germany

  • Licensed Specialist for Reconstructive Dentistry, CH

  • Certified Specialisation in Reconstructive- and Implant-Dentistry (MAS, University of Bern), Implantology (DGI), Prosth. Dentistry (EDA), Intl. Speaker and Author

  • Member of the Schilli Implantology Circle

D.Kraus Bild.jpg

OA Dr. D. Kraus, 

University of Bonn

  • Assistant Medical Director in the Polyclinic for Dental Prosthetics, Propaedeutics and Materials Science at the University of Bonn

  • Head of the Work Group‚ Dental Implantology and Biomaterial Research‘ at the University (with Prof. Enkling)

  • Lecturer in the master programs ‚Microbiology‘ Molecular Biotechnology‘ at the University

  • Head of BONFOR Junior Research Group of the Univerity

  • Member of DGPro, German Academy for Prosthetics and Biomaterial

Pascal Marquardt_frei.jpg

Dr. P. Marquart,

Private Clinic Cologne, Germany

  • Director of Marquardt Dentists Dental Clinic

  • Fmr. Associate Professor at University Dental Hospital of Freiburg, Germany

  • Board Member of NEUE GRUPPE, Sci. Dentists Assoc.

  • Certified Specialist for Implantology of the German Academy of Implantology (DGI)

  • Certified Specialist of German Academy of Prosthodontics and Biomaterials (DGPro)

  • Member of the Schilli Implantology Circle


MDT A. Hoch,

Technical Director of Dental Technik Kiel, Bonn

  • Managing and Technical Director of Dental Technik Kiel (Cooperating Dental Laboratory with University Dental Hospital of Bonn)

  • Master Dental Technician

  • Professional Instructor and Lecturer

  • Member of ITI Study Club

  • Certified ‚smop‘ Partner, Guided Surgery

  • Certified Specialist in Digital Dental Technology, Implantology and Dental Functional Diagnosis

Make your patients smile again



Hotel: Motel One, Bonn-Beethoven, Berliner Freiheit 36, 53111 Bonn, Germany


University Dental Hospital of Bonn,
Welschnonnenstraße 17, 53111 Bonn, Germany

Early bird fee: registration till 30 June, 2020, 750.00 EUR incl. VAT
(per medical participant) includes
course fee, hotel (two nights), lunch,
coffee breaks and evening event
“Rhine River Cruise“ on chartered boat, (our private group only) with dinner


Regular attendance: registration after
30 June, 2020, 850.00 EUR incl. VAT
(per medical participant) includes
course fee, hotel (two nights), lunch,
coffee breaks and evening event
”Rhine River Cruise“ on chartered boat, (our private group only) with dinner


If there are any questions, please contact Ms Marion Anstett at +41 61 260 24 64



Please have in mind that the number of participants is limited.

Registrations will be handled on a first-come first-served basis. 


Application deadline is September 15, 2020


For all cancellations, incoming after the application deadline, we must charge 40% of the attendance fee. In default of appearance or cancellation on the date of the event, the attendance fee will incur in full.

We are all very much looking forward seeing you all in Bonn.

Management SIC invent
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