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Doctors of the



"Aktion Lächeln - Opération Sourire" - 
a Project of Doctors of the World, the German branch of Médecins du Monde 

Ärzte der Welt / Doctors of the World Germany is part of the international Médecins du Monde-Network. Many emergencies, such as refugee crises, Ebola, and certain political conflicts, are ever present in today’s news. It is imperative to help those affected as quickly as possible and support them through donations. 

There are many other important issues, however, that do not receive high media exposure. Due to this lack of attention, they are in particular need of our support. One of these projects is “Aktion Lächeln / Opération Sourire”, a project of MdM Germany in Cambodia. During the reign of the Khmer Rouge, medical doctors were systematically persecuted and murdered. The Cambodian health system was completely devastated and is still in the process of recovery. Many people there, especially children, suffer from burns, tumours, physical scars stemming from the war as well as cleft lips and palates. Most of them don’t have a chance for a hopeful future. MdM Germany and their volunteer doctors support the Cambodian health system with medical specialists, trainings and lectures for the local medical staff and by providing surgery to many children and adults. Reconstructive surgery can give a smile on their faces can provide them with a positive perspective for their future. 

Professor Schilli,  founding member of SIC, was an active member of Doctors of the World Germany for many years. He was also a longstanding chairman of the organization and an honorary chairman. We have supported this project for several years as it is our great concern to help the people benefitting from it to receive a chance to live a normal life. Therefore we make a donation, also on your behalf, to the project “Aktion Lächeln / Opération Sourire”. 

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