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New transfer abutments and transfer caps

In order to make the closed impression and repositioning even safer and more precise, we have fundamentally revised the transfer abutments and caps.


For the transfer caps, we have adopted the tried-and-tested exterior design from the SICvantage® system and optimized the inner contour in terms of its shape and with a locking function.


The transfer posts have been completely redesigned, including a prism hex, which makes it easier to insert in difficult cases.


The changes are not backwards compatible.

Watch also our Video with our Director Clinical Research, Jörg Winterhoff who talks detailed about the new transfer abutments and caps. 


SICvantage® I.  SICvantage® max,  SICvantage® tapered


Note: We continue to offer the old transfer caps. However, we recommend that you replace the old transfer abutments and caps with new ones.

SIChex I.  SICace, SICmax, SICtapered


Note: The new transfer caps only fit the new transfer abutments. The old caps only fit on the old transmission caps.

Video Jörg

Product-Update with Jörg Winterhoff

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