"I use the MYCASEBOX in practice because I don't have to make any investments in advance and it simplifies work processes."

Dr. Luise Krüger


Dr. Torsten Conrad

"It already starts when you open the tray.
Design and guidance for the surgeon speak for itself.
Easy handling clearly underlines that design follows functionality developed by experts not sales people."


"SIC invent has an innovative implant system with a permanent connection .

The company is very customer-oriented, so ideas are implemented quickly."

Dr. med. dent. Georg Bayer


"The basic system is simple and works extremely well and variable for aesthetic implantology ."

Dr. Pascal Marquardt


"We accompany the testing of SIC products clinically as well as from a laboratory. Systematic testing of stress cycles very good results."

Prof. Dr. Constantin von See MaHM


"SIC invent has a large product portfolio.

We have a good contact and exchange with the engineers who develop the final products ."

Dr. Dr. Manfred Nilius, M. Sc.