SIC invent AG

SIC invent AG is an innovative and dynamic company. As a globally active manufacturer of dental implant systems, we work in close collaboration with the Schilli Implantology Circle in the research and development of implant systems.

We are one of the leading companies in selected market and product sectors. A feature of our company is outstanding product and market expertise, which is based on our collaboration with the Schilli Implantology Circle. Having access to a multidisciplinary network allows rapid transfer of technological and scientific findings into current, practice-relevant medical products.

We supply responsible, innovative products in the surgical, prosthetic and bone augmentation material sectors based on scientific, technical and economic expertise.

A close, cordial relationship with leading manufacturing companies in Switzerland and Germany guarantees exceptional product quality. Constant in-house monitoring ensures consistently high quality.

The unique marketability, which is highlighted by the short product development cycles from conception to translation into a product that is market ready, ensures that we are a step ahead of our rival competitors.

Our expertise is the reason why we are recognized by customers and competitors alike as a highly competent, reliable and competitive supplier of product solutions and why we generate consistent value for our stakeholders.


The philosophy of SIC invent is to offer innovative ”state of the art“ medical devices in a considered range and establish them on the market in collaboration and communication with our dental, medical and laboratory partners that goes for beyond the usual user/industry relationship.

A solid basis for this is both the close link with the Schilli Implantology Circle, a multidisciplinary global medical competence network, and the great capacity for innovation and willingness to react rapidly to market needs. These are enabled by strict company organisation and the above-average specialist competence of the staff.

Day by day, we work on improving what already exists and developing innovations with the aim of a constant increase in efficiency and safety in implantological therapy.

The status quo is only a stop-over on our
way to perfection in dental implantology.