935592 - SIC GS Fixation Post, for Sleeve Ø 5.2 mm

Specific Description

The SIC GS Fixation Post Ø 5.2 mm is used for fixing the guiding template on one or two implants. The device assures the fixation of the template with the correct distance of 9 mm from the implant shoulder to the top of the sleeve and guarantees a maximum of local accuracy during multi-implant placements.

After placing the first implant through the guiding template, the first SIC GS Fixation Post will fasten the template in position. After placing the second implant, the second fixation post will secure the template stable and precise for the surgery procedure of the following implant placements.

Further the SIC GS Fixation Post can be used in the lab to create the set-up of a provisional bridge. Lab implants will be fixed with the SIC GS Fixation Posts to the guiding template. Then the lab implants will be bonded to the master model in the exact position of the template.

No. 935592
Name SIC GS Fixation Post, for Sleeve Ø 5.2 mm
Diameter (mm) 5.2
Height Specific (mm) 9.0
Material Titanium Grade 5
Connector Geometry Hex 2.3 mm
Guided Surgery

Guided Surgery

SIC GS Sleeve Ø 5.2 mm

935591 - SIC GS Sleeve Ø 5.2 mm

SIC Guided Surgery System

SIC Guided Surgery System