935198 - SIC Bone Tap Ø 3.0 mm

An initial thread should be cut in cases with highly cortical bone structures (D1/D2). The depth of

the thread cut is normally half the length of the implant. The thread can be tapped manually or using a handpiece. Speed max. 35 rpm.

The bone tap has laser markings that correspond to the implant length.

No. 935198
Name SIC Bone Tap Ø 3.0 mm
Diameter (mm) 3.0
Height Specific (mm) 14.5
Length (mm) 34.0
Material Stainless steel for surgical devices
Connector Geometry ISO Adapter Angle Piece
SIC Drill extension

935212 - SIC Drill extension

SICvantage max Product Overview

SICvantage max Product Overview

Surgical Guideline SICvantage

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