951262 - SIC LocFix Impression Post incl. Processing Male, black

SICvantage LocFix attachments, based on Locator Attachments, for the retention of partial and full dentures are among the most commonly used attachments on implants worldwide.

The range of applications of the LocFix Attachment includes retention of partial and full dentures on a minimum of 4 implants.

Decisive factors when planning to use these precision attachments are minimal overall vertical height, unique dual retention principle, proven long-term stability and patient-friendly, intuitive positioning of retention inserts on the attachments. The design of the LocFix allows use when implants have extremely divergent axes - up to 40° - and very limited occlusal space. The long service life, the possibility of easy exchange at the chairside and the range of divers nylon inserts (in six different withdrawl forces of 0.6 kg to 1.9 kg) ensure the retention can be adjusted to suit the indication as well as problem-free servicing.

Clinically the SIC LocFix Attachment is tightened in position with the SIC LocFix Insertion Tool or - new - with every SIC Srewdriver HEX 1.2 mm. The tightening torque is 20 Ncm.

Specific Description

The SIC LocFix Impression Post is used directly over the LocFix abutment for taking impressions.

The post consists of a titanium housing and nylon insert, which provides friction to ensure reliable retention on the LocFix abutment. It is connected to the LocFix abutment simply by placing it onto the abutment. The section with undercut retention ensures that the LocFix impression post is retained in the impression after the impression has been taken (denture or custom tray).

No. 951262
Name SIC LocFix Impression Post incl. Processing Male, black
Material Titanium Grade 5 and Grilamid
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LocFix Attachments

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