A veritable flood of information is available to us today if we want to get to grips with the topic of “dental implants”, from reputable specialist information with a medical background to the «horror stories» of individual patients, whose treatment for whatever reason has not led to the desired results. What should not be overlooked with all this information is the fact that you as a patient have to decide on whether to opt for the treatment with dental implants suggested by your dentist. With our competence, we and your dentist can provide you with advice on all implant questions.


Apart from information and facts, the decision

process is marked by one thing above all: “Trust”.


Trust in the implant treatment method, in the dentist and not least in the implant system that will be used. The foundation of trust is experience. A circle of renowned doctors, dentists and oral surgeons, influenced by 3 decades of experience in implantology, stands behind the idea of SIC implants and their technical and scientific development.

The Schilli Implantology Circle around Prof. Dr. Wilfried Schilli has always been able to adapt its scientific experience in ordinary clinical practice to the demands of modern implant therapy. The focus of modern implant systems is on long-term stability, safety and aesthetically attractive prosthetic restorations. The technical level of these systems enables the treatment outcome to be predicted readily. Success rates of over 90% are regarded as certain. Your dentist can also rely on this experience so that he can offer you the best possible form of restoration.

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